The Food Futures Conference is a national conference series held by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA).

  • A Future of Food (2009) challenged sectors to establish an integrated food policy to address issues of environmental sustainability, social equity and the economy to protect and promote public health of Australians. 

  • A Future of Food 2 (2012) challenged the Federal Government to take responsibility for creating a healthy, sustainable and fair food system.

  • Food Futures (2018) challenged professionals, organisations and governments to “examine how we deal with the food agenda will shape our futures”.


This conference brings together community organisations, students, researchers, government officials, public health and other relevant professionals and key stakeholders to advocate for a comprehensive, intersectoral, whole-of-government approach to Australian food and nutrition policy in Australia.

It offers an opportunity for people working in public health and across the food system to; network, share their work, engage with communities and develop a wider understanding of how the work they do contributes to a broader, sustainable, equitable and healthy food systems and nutrition agenda.


In 2022 the Conference theme will be Transforming food systems for the planetary and public good.


Future food systems will be challenged to feed the population safe and sufficient food. Securing healthy and sustainable food systems will require evidence-informed policies and practices. Are conventional approaches to nutrition science sufficient to guide policies and practices to tackle contemporary personal, population and planetary health challenges?

Ecological nutrition, an approach to nutrition science grounded in ecology and evolutionary understandings of food and health relationships, can inform ways to tackle the food related health and sustainability challenges that society and the planet are facing.

Social, political, economic and environmental influences impact our food system. The last year has highlighted the frailties and inequities that exist in our current food system. We call for researchers, governments and civil society to act to transform food systems for public good.


We warmly encourage you to lock the date in your diaries to join us virtually for the 2022 Food Futures Conference


The Conference objectives are to:

  • Empower - Create an environment for knowledge sharing, collaboration and relationship building;

  • Embrace – To advocate for a comprehensive/ intersectoral /whole-of-government approach to food and nutrition policy in Australia covering all aspects of the food system including food production, manufacturing, retail, marketing, health education, nutrition, diet and health;

  • Respect – To offer an opportunity for people working in public health nutrition to network, share their work and develop a broader understanding of how the work they do contributes to the broader food system and nutrition agenda.


Individuals and organizations, including students, academics, policy makers and public health advocates who have an interest in food systems, agriculture/aquaculture, climate change, food security, environmental sustainability, food environments, nutrition and/or related policy.